Browsing the web without Pentadactyl or Uzbl is a pain that I would not wish upon my worst enemy. The only downside (except for Firefox frequent updates that break pentadactyl) is that few addons really integrate with them.

I recently started using Pocket instead of just having a lot of tabs open for weeks. It seems like a nice service. To use it with pentadactyl is not too hard. They provide a bookmarklet (press ‘Or install the bookmarklet’). In Pentadactyl, right-click and copy the link location.

To add the command to pentadactyl, type this is your shell:

$echo "command! pocket -description "Save to Pocket" open #PASTE YOUR PERSONAL BOOKMARKLET LINK# >> ~/.pentadactylrc

For me it looks like this:

$echo "command! pocket -description "Save to Pocket" open javascript:(function(){ISRIL_H='d862';PKT_D='';ISRIL_SCRIPT=document.createElement('SCRIPT');ISRIL_SCRIPT.type='text/javascript';ISRIL_SCRIPT.src='http://'+PKT_D+'/b/r.js';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(ISRIL_SCRIPT)})();" >> ~/.pentadactylrc

Then in pentadactyl, do the command :source ~/.pentadactylrc. Your should now be able to run the command :pocket from penta, and the current page will be saved to your pocket.

If you found this helpful, share it with someone else who uses penta/uzbl and pocket!